Your Eurail Roaming SIM Card

I havent ordered an Eurail Pass yet?

The Eurail Roaming Discount Code is not always required to get the Eurail Roaming Discount, from time to time you can benefit from this offer when you havent purchased your Eurail and Interrail pass. Don't miss out!
If the Eurail Roaming Discount code is requested on the first field of the order form (when the offer is not restricted the field will not appear and the discount code is not required to get your discount), you should enter the order number or the C.I.V. number of your Eurail / Interrail pass.

Do I need an Eurail/Interrail Pass?

Your Eurail Roaming SIM Card is not linked in anyway to the Eurail/Interrail Pass order, reception or validity. The Eurail Roaming pack activation and availability it's fully independant.

Do I need a pack for each countries?

No. One Eurail Roaming SIM Pack work in any countries, only the rates may change from one countries to another outside the Eurail European countries special rates. You can review it at "Rates".

How to order?

The Eurail Roaming SIM Card are exclusively available online: Order here Order Online

How to activate my SIM Card?

Your SIM card is pre-activated to be used immediately. You do not need anything else, no other mandatory requirement are requested to activate.

How to "Unlock" my phone?

An unlocked phone is a phone that you can use with any SIM card from any network carrier in the world. If your phone is locked with your carrier you must contact them to unlock it. They will provide you a code to do it.

About SIM card size?

The Eurail Roaming SIM is a Multi Size SIM that include Mini, Micro and Nano detachable SIM card to fit any device SIM card slot. All size compatible (2FF - 3FF 4FF)


Can I share my credit?

Of course, you have only one credit on your account that is shared between all your SIM cards and/or services. This prevents you from blocking funds on each SIM card.

A long I can use it?

Eurail Roaming SIM card never expire if you maintain credit on it or use it, credit is valid for 365 days. Each time you recharge the outstanding available balance validity is extended for 1 year

No contract, No hidden charges?

no contract, no set-up fees, no monthly charges, no commitment, no hidden cost, No usage = No billing.

What are the rates outside Europe?

The Eurail Roaming SIM card is ready to use worldwide, the price of communications and services is available at "Rates" and within your Members Area.

Receiving your SIM card

Delivery leadtime?

What ever your shipping option, your order are shipped from our warehouse the same day.
Shipping Options:

12 business days Free shipping Worldwide with DHL Global delivery.
3 business days Premium shipping by DHL Express Worldwide services.
The Eurail Roaming SIM Card is not shipped or linked with your Eurail or Interail Pass and cannot be pick-up at the train station.
The free shipping option are estimated delay usually 6 to 8 days to Europe/US and 12 days for the rest of the World or more in some remote area. The free shipping option do not allow you to claim refunds if you do not receive it on time.
Please be sure to order according to your travel plans, if you are worry about delay we suggest to select the DHL expedited on the order form.

Shipping to another address?

Yes, this is possible. If you send your order to a friend or family member, be sure to put their name and address on the order form under "Shipping to different address".

Already travelling?

In that case you can select the option "Ship to different address" and we will ship for free to your next address location, hotel, friends, post office or DHL office, this will ensure you get it wherever your are.

Shipping tracking?

DHL expedited provide live tracking of your order, the free DHL Global shipping do not allow you to track your order once shipped. Shipment and order follow-up are available from your member's area.

Essentials Services

More data with Eurail Bundle?

The "Eurail Data Bundle" provide 1GB data allowance within all Eurail Countries, the 12 {{getCurrency()}} is debited from your available credit.
Bundle can be activated at anytime and that lasts for up to 7 days, when this period or allowance is about to terminate, just renew it or continue as you need per MB.
The bundle period start with your first data connection in one of the covered countries.
Included countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Why UK + US phone line?

UK and US mobile phone line are the shippest and easiest mobile number to reach from Worldwide locations. UK mobile number are mostly provided to European contact and the US mobile number for the rest of the World. Each Eurail Roaming SIM include both personal mobile number that work simultaneously: 1 UK(+44) & 1 US (+1). This will provide you an International presence offering your contacts the possibility to reach you calling any one of those number and allowing you to receive free incoming call abroad.
Example 1. Your family live in the US, they can reach you locally calling your Eurail Roaming US mobile number. Advantage: The incoming call is free.
Example 2. You are from China and meet ocasional people (or Hotel, Restaurant, Shop, Taxi, etc..), you should provide them your Eurail Roaming UK or US mobile number. Advantage: They will call easily your UK number instead of calling your own Chinese number.
But the best of all is about your own security and privacy, as you do not need anymore to provide your own personal mobile number to anyone, use the Eurail Roaming personal mobile number to screen your contact and avoid unwanted phone spam or hacking abroad while increasing critical reachability.

How to get my UK & US number?

Both phone number are available from your member area within hour of your Eurail Roaming Pack confirmation of your order.
Alternatively you can get it from your mobile phone when the Eurail Roaming SIM Card is installed by dialing the following short code:
UK Mobile number dial short code: 133#
US Mobile number dial short code: 160#

Stolen or lost phone?

Unfortunately lost or stolen phone are an increasing problems for travellers and even a good insurance will not solve the immediate trouble caused during your trip. The Eurail Roaming Pack include an amazing service that allow you to solve this major problems almost instantly.
First it's important to split the problem between your phone and your SIM card, if your provider can act about the phone (like iPhone finder) they will completely block your phone but will not solve your communication issue at all! We do it.
Immediate facilities:
1. You are able to redirect live your Eurail Roaming UK & US number to any phone (hotel, mobile friend or temporary local SIM) and continue to receive calls.
2. You can still making low cost international phone calls and Text message from any connected mobile, desktop or device using your own mobile numbers or your Eurail Roaming Mobile number so your contact will identify you as the caller.
But the best of all is the cost of the call is debited from your Eurail Roaming available Airtime/Credit balance.
3. We proceed to immediate replacement by sending a SIM card with the same number. Cost will depends on your location.
4. You can block immediately & online the stolen SIM card.
5. By reacting fast the SIM Card can be located with the Global Roaming Tracking services.
6. Your phone book, essential travelling documents and informations are securely accessible from the Global Roaming Vault services if you subscribe to it.
Continue call & Text as usual without the SIM:
1. Use the Eurail Roaming mobile application for IOS and Android on any phone to continue to make call & text as usual using your own mobile numbers and Eurail Roaming numbers but without the SIM card on hand.

Payment - Recharge - Top-up

How to recharge?
You can easily recharge your SIM card from your mobile or the member area, we accept all major credit, debit cards, PayPal, Alipay and Bitcoin.
Eurail Roaming payment method Visa, Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Alypay, Paypal, bitcoin
How to check my credit?

You can check your credit at any time by dialing 187# from your mobile or from your member's area.

What is the validity of my credit?

Your credit is valid for a period of 365 days, each recharge extend the available credit for a period of 365 days.

Members Area

How to access?

You can easily access your member area from your mobile or any device using your credential, “User name” and “Password”.

I forgot my password or User name?

In case you lost or forgotten your credential, you can visit the Members Area Log-in page and follow the “Forgot your password” or “Forgot your login”, you'll be able to get back your information via the e-mail with which you registered.

What is for?

Your Member area allows you to view your available credit, your account information, your usage details and history, top up your account and configure your Eurail Roaming SIM card, services and alerts. You will also have access to rates and the Extended User Guide.

Customer Services

How to contact us?

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